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Update: Cybersecurity Bill Blocked By Filibuster

We recently wrote a post about the new cybersecurity bill, which has been on the Obama administration’s top national security priorities. The bill was blocked Thurdsday by a Republican filibuster in the Senate. This latest development severely impairs its prospects of passing this year. The Senate voted 52 to 46 to cease debates, which falls short of the 60 required to force a final vote on the bill.

The cybersecurity bill would have established optional standards for the computer systems that oversee the country’s critical infrastructure, like power grids, dams, and transportation. The bill has received widespread bipartisan support, but there has been a fight over the proposed amendments to the legislation. In hopes of ending the battle over the bill, the sponsors had been significantly watered down in the prior few weeks.

The bill is likely to come up again for vote in the fall, but few are optimistic that it will be approved.


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