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Brewery Law 101: When It’s OK to Give Beer Away for Free

Unfortunately for Washington breweries, the regulations governing when you can give beer away for free are far from clear. We’re continuing our Brewery Law 101 series by highlighting the Washington Liquor Control Board’s regulations governing giving beer away for free.

The LCB regulations prohibit the distribution of beer for free with a few exceptions. The exceptions include:

To Licensed Retailers and Distributors

The first carve-out under the regulations allows a Washington brewery to provide free samples of its beer to licensed retailers and distributors for the purposes of negotiating a sale. That is, you’re in the clear if you’re negotiating a sale of your beer!

For Teaching Others About Beer

The regulations also carve out an exception for distributing beer free of charge for instructional purposes....

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The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act and Your Business

Are you about to launch a new app with youth appeal? Are you hoping that your new game will trend with tweens? Hold on—you might have to comply with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).

The government isn’t known for being on the cutting edge with technology, but the Federal Trade Commission seems to be well aware of apps such as Candy Crush and Snapchat. And it is continuously developing rules to regulate online services that collect data from users, especially children.

Just last year, revisions to the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act took effect. The rule broadened its definition of personal information to include photos, audio recordings, geolocation, and persistent identifiers, including cookies that track activity online.

In this post, we’ll...

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