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Understanding Your Commercial Lease: Insurance, Subrogation, and Indemnification

In this latest post in the Understanding Your Commercial Lease series we’re going to discuss insurance, subrogation, and indemnification. (Subrogation will often be grouped under the insurance provision in your lease.) The insurance, subrogation, and indemnification provisions of your commercial lease allocate risk between the landlord and the tenant (and each of their insurers).


In nearly every commercial lease you will find robust insurance requirements for the tenant that are mandated by the landlord. The tenant is going to be required to pay for insurance that will include general liability insurance, property damage insurance for the tenant’s property, business interruption insurance, automobile liability insurance, worker’s compensation insurance, and then often an umbrella policy. The landlord will often ask the tenant for insurance the...

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Mergers & Acquisitions

Due Diligence | Part 7 | Miscellaneous Issues

We’ve finally arrived at the last post in our due diligence section of our series on the purchase and sale of a business. In today’s post we explore some of the miscellaneous issues you should be aware of during due diligence.

Real Property Issues We’ve mentioned in previous posts that you should review all “material” contracts, which would include all leases, deeds, or other real property-related contracts. However, there are other, lesser known, real property issues that are often overlooked during due diligence. One of these “other” issues is easements and other restrictions on your ability to use the real property as you’d like.

An easement is a right of use over the property of another. For example, you may be purchasing a...

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