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Proposed Rules for Title III of the JOBS Act (Crowdfunding) Released

Last Wednesday, the SEC released its proposed rules for Title III of the JOBS Act—the rules that will govern crowdfunding. The proposed rules are long (585 pages), complicated, and full of obstacles to trip up companies trying to utilize this form of raising capital. Rules

In an attempt to try and digest the nearly 600 pages, AngelList’s COO Kevin Laws has started a working summary of the Title III proposed crowdfunding rules. Of course, these rules are simply proposed at this point so you should keep in mind that these are not final and may be changed before they are implemented. Laws’ summary is provided as a Google doc that he is updating as he receives feedback.

If you’re a crowdfunding advocate or just interested in recent changes to startup fundraising and learning more about innovative ways for businesses to raise capital, you should check out Law’s summary of the Title III crowdfunding rules. The summary does a great job of condensing the rules into digestible bullet points. If you’re feeling ambitious, here’s the full text of the proposed rules.

Stay tuned for iVLG’s summary of the Title III rules, which will be published tomorrow!



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