Corporate Finance

A simple approach to complex regulation.

Navigating securities regulations, so you can focus on growing your company.

Whether you’re raising money for your startup, setting up a hedge fund, or starting your own investment advisory firm, we can help.

Plain language

We speak with you like a friend or colleague. We use plain language and leave the legal jargon out of the documents, so you understand what we put together for your business.

Flat rates

Certainty makes budgeting for legal costs simple. We work with flat rates so you know ahead of time what our services will cost. And we want to build a lasting relationship by getting to know you and your business without you feeling like you’re on the clock.

Services we provide to securities clients:

  • Stock purchase agreements
  • Convertible notes
  • Hedge and pooled funds
  • Offering documents including risk disclosures and private placement memoranda
  • Investment advisory agreements
  • Stock option plans

Featured Services

Transparency is a cornerstone of InVigor Law Group. We’ve designed flat rate featured services to bring transparency to our pricing:

Flat rate services to give you and your investors certainty on legal costs for your round of financing. Our flat rate services for your company's initial round of financing start at $6,000. The flat rate covers the following services:

  • Advise on complying with state and federal securities regulations
  • Advise on the pros and cons of debt versus equity
  • Negotiate the terms of the financing
  • Draft and negotiate the investment documents

The flat rates listed are for our services and do not include state filing fees.

We can form your fund and advise on compliance with securities and investment regulation for as little as $12,000—though the cost can vary significantly depending on the specifics of your fund. Our fund formation services include:

  • Forming the general partner entity
  • Forming the fund entity
  • Drafting fund offering documents
  • Advising on state and federal securities offerings regulations
  • Advising on state and federal investment company regulations

The prices for featured services are our standard rates and apply for many of our clients. But each client’s business and transaction is unique, and the cost for advising on the securities transaction depends on the specific complexity of your endeavor.

Securities Attorneys

Kyle and Gavin do the bulk of our securities work—all three work with startups raising capital. Kyle and Gavin also work with hedge funds and investment advisors.

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