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inVigor Law Group knows that operating a business isn’t always easy. Our attorneys can help you create and implement policies to limit the risks that come along with staffing your company, draft your day-to-day contracts and business documents, and overcome legal hurdles your business may face along its path to success.

The attorneys at inVigor Law Group will draft, review and edit your business documents to maximize their effectiveness and alignment with your business’ brand identity. We assist you in defining your objectives, we draft documents to meet your specific goals, and we add value to your documents by drafting them in language that is easily understood.

Negotiating on Your Behalf
We help you identify the key provisions of any contract and align those provisions with your goals. Our lawyers have experience negotiating contracts with large public companies as well as small business owners, so we understand the issues that matter. We will focus on and work out the details of the contract for you, so you can focus on your business.

Marketing and Advertising
No matter how you promote your business, we can help you attract customers without running into legal issues. From drafting sweepstakes rules to tailoring your social media guidelines, inVigor Law Group can help you and your employees understand and avoid the risks associated with marketing and advertising through any channel.

Government Regulation Compliance
The attorneys at inVigor Law Group can help you understand the regulations that affect your business and devise solutions for complying with the many city, county, state, and federal laws that affect your company.

General Counsel Services
We know not every business can employ a full-time staff of attorneys for legal support, that’s why we offer a virtual general counsel service at an affordable, fixed monthly price. Our team of attorneys will be available to support your business with all its legal needs. Click here to learn more about our monthly General Counsel services.

Employment Matters
inVigor Law Group also offers a variety of services that can be custom-tailored to meet your business’ employment-related needs. For more information about our employment law services you can visit our Management page.

If you want to schedule a consultation please give us a call at (206) 745-5229, or use our website to schedule a consultation online. If you have any questions about contract drafting or negotiating or how the attorneys at iVLG can help you, please contact us.