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Securities and equity structure
We provide legal services to clients in all areas of securities law, including securities offerings, securities transactions, and securities litigation. We also draft executive and employee equity incentive plans and advise clients on the equity structure of their corporate entities.

Corporate governance
The lawyers at inVigor Law Group understand the complex relationship between a corporation’s board of advisors, management, and shareholders. No matter your position, we can help you determine your rights, obligations, and liabilities. We also provide litigation and regulatory compliance services. Among other services, we advise on executive compensation, corporate committees, insurance and indemnification, director qualification and search, anti-takeover defense, and shareholder proxy proposals.

Human Resources
Our attorneys will assist you and your business with all of your employment needs, including employee handbooks, best hiring and firing practices, social media policies, complaint procedures, employment litigation, qualified and non-qualified deferred compensation plans, and executive compensation.

We understand many smaller and medium sized companies can’t afford a full-time HR department to address employment issues; our human resources planning packages can meet your budget and your needs.

Litigation and Dispute Resolution Services
We provide litigation services to our clients, emphasizing a pragmatic approach to maximize value for you and your company. Whether we counsel a plaintiff or a defendant, we help our clients understand the costs of litigation and what they can expect if and when the case proceeds to trial. We work with you to understand your goals so that we can tailor litigation and dispute resolution services to help you achieve those goals and improve your bottom line.

If you want to schedule a consultation please give us a call at (206) 745-5229, or use our website to schedule a consultation online. If you have any questions about how iVLG can help you and your management team, please contact us.