Intellectual Property

Protecting your brand, ideas, and products.

Intellectual Property

Protecting your brand, ideas, and products.

Identifying and protecting your intellectual property.

Our attorneys can protect your business’ intellectual property—often times we can also point out intellectual property you weren’t aware you had. Whether registering your trademarks, drafting contracts, or negotiating the terms of a licensing agreement, our goal is to protect your intellectual property from competitors and maximize its value.

Plain language

We talk with you like a friend or colleague—our goal is to empower you by translating jargon-filled deal documents into understandable plain language. And we share our insight in plain language to help you more effectively evaluate how to protect your intellectual property.

Transparent Billing

We provide you with clear information upfront about the scope of work and costs for our services, so you know ahead of time what you’re likely to spend. Our transparent billing practices are set up to help avoid billing surprises.

Featured Services

Transparency is a cornerstone of InVigor Law Group. We’ve designed flat rate featured services to bring transparency to our pricing:

Our flat rate services to register your trademarks with the US Patent and Trademark Office start at $800 for a plain text word mark and $900 for a design mark (such as a logo). Our trademark search and registration service includes:

  • Completeing a comprehensive search of the USPTO database for conflicting marks;
  • Providing a summary of our search for conflicting marks; and
  • Filing the application to register your marks.
  • Client is responsible for the USPTO filing fees, which are typically $225.

IP licensing agreements start at $2,000. We work with you to make sure we understand your intellectual property and to make sure you understand the opportunities and risks involved with licensing your property. Some of the provisions where we commonly add the most value for our clients are:

  • Scope of the license
  • Compensation for license
  • Limited warranties
  • Dispute resolution provisions, including remedies
  • Confidentiality
  • Non-Compete

The prices for featured services are our standard rates and apply for many of our clients. But each client’s business and transaction is unique, and the cost for advising depends on the specific complexity of your endeavor.

Intellectual Property Attorneys

Gideon and Gavin do the bulk of our intellectual property work, but all InVigor Law attorneys are well-versed on intellectual property issues.