Plain language. Flat rates. Accessible attorneys.

InVigor Law Group has merged its law practice with Immix Law, and all InVigor attorneys now practice law as attorneys for Immix Law. We look forward to helping you as Immix attorneys.

A straight-forward approach to drafting contracts.

Our approach to drafting and reviewing contracts can generally be broken down into three steps:

  • First, we work with you to understand your goals for the contract;
  • Second, we highlight key issues or negotiation strategies for you; and
  • Third, we draft the agreement in plain language and provide comments on the pros and cons of key provisions.

Plain language

We speak with you like a friend or colleague. We use plain language and leave the legal jargon out of the documents, so you understand what we put together for your business.

Transparent Billing

We provide you with clear information upfront about the scope of work and costs for our services, so you know ahead of time what you’re likely to spend. Our transparent billing practices are set up to help avoid billing surprises.

Contracts we frequently draft:

  • Employment and independent contractor agreements
  • IP licensing and assignment agreements
  • Investment agreements
  • Asset purchase agreements
  • Vendor and supplier agreements
  • Authorized reseller agreements
  • Loan agreements and promissory notes
  • Non-disclosure agreements

Featured Services

Transparency is a cornerstone of InVigor Law Group. We’ve designed flat rate featured services to bring transparency to our pricing:

Independent contractor agreements start at $750. Depending on the type of work the independent contractor is doing, the extent of risk involved if the contractor fails to perform adequately, and the amount of negotation anticipated, the cost may be significantly more. After discussing your contract needs, we will give you specific pricing, so your business can make an informed decision about the value of our services. Some of the provisions where we commonly add the most value for our clients are:

  • Assignment of intellectual property
  • Dispute resolution provisions, including remedies
  • Clearly defined scope of work
  • Unambigous payment terms
  • Warranties
  • Indemnification

IP licensing agreements start at $2,000. We work with you to make sure we understand your intellectual property and to make sure you understand the opportunities and risks involved with licensing your property. Some of the provisions where we commonly add the most value for our clients are:

  • Scope of the license
  • Compensation for license
  • Limited warranties
  • Dispute resolution provisions, including remedies
  • Confidentiality
  • Non-Compete

The prices for featured services are our standard rates and apply for many of our clients. But each client’s business and contract is unique, and the cost for reviewing or drafting your contract depends on the specific complexity of your agreement.

Contracts Attorneys

Contracts is the broadest of our practice areas, as there is at least some overlap with each of our other practice areas. All InVigor Law attorneys are experienced with reviewing and advising on contracts.