Commercial Real Estate

Get into the space of your dreams.

Our commercial real estate attorneys highlight and explain the important terms in your commercial lease, so you can quickly and easily understand your obligations. We guide your business through negotiations to empower you to better understand your lease and landlord, which often earns your business valuable concessions. And by drafting protections into your lease, we help give your business certainty.

Plain language

We talk with you like a friend or colleague—our goal is to empower you by translating jargon-filled real estate documents into understandable plain language. And we share our insight in plain language to help you more effectively evaluate your particular lease.

Flat rates

We work with flat or capped rates so you know ahead of time what our services will cost. By telling you ahead of time what our services will cost, we empower you to make an informed decision as to the value of our services—it’s tough to guess how much value you’re going to get from a service if you don’t know how much it’s going to cost.

Featured Services

Transparency is a cornerstone of InVigor Law Group. We’ve designed flat rate featured services to bring transparency to our pricing:

Commercial lease reviews start at $1,750. Depending on the length of the lease, the extent to which you decide to negotiate terms, and the quality of the lease (if it's poorly drafted we're going to have a lot more feedback to deliver), the cost may be significantly more.

After discussing your lease, we will give you specific pricing, so your business can make an informed decision about the value of our services. Some of the provisions where we commonly add the most value for our clients are:

  • Common area maintenance, taxes, insurance and other operating expenses provisions
  • Audit provisions
  • Tenant improvement allowances and work letters
  • Maintenance provisions
  • Indemnification and limitations on liability
  • Assignability and subletting

If your business is leasing or subleasing space, we can draft a plain language commercial lease—a document as rare as a rain-free February in Seattle. Our commercial lease drafting starts at $2,000. Here are a few ways we add value for you:

  • Prevent disputes with your tenants and encourage compliance by drafting clear unambiguous plain language leases
  • Provide advice on the terms of particular importance to the landlord and tenant
  • Draft lease structures that help promote value for both landlord and tenant
  • Tailor custom provisions to match your particular space and goals

The prices for featured services are our standard rates and apply for many of our clients. But each client’s business and lease is unique, and the cost for reviewing or drafting your lease depends on the specific complexity of your lease.

Commercial Real Estate Attorneys

Gideon and Gavin do the bulk of our commercial real estate work. Gideon has experience in construction, property management, and brokerage, and he managed a company that operated as a commercial landlord. And Gavin’s been helping startups and growing companies with their leases from InVigor Law Group’s first days.

InVigor Law Group can help tenants understand the true cost of their lease, what terms are most important, and how to effectively negotiate with their landlord. And we can help landlords encourage healthy, long term, profitable relationships with their tenants.