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News Roundup: “On-Demand Apparel Manufacturing”, Startups and Bankruptcy, and Music Piracy

Amazon’s On-Demand Apparel Manufacturing

Amazon Patent Specs; Startups and Bankruptcy

Amazon just received a patent for machines that start creating clothes once an order is placed. “On-demand apparel manufacturing” also allows Amazon’s software to come up with the most efficient plan for fulfilling multiple orders from multiple locations to streamline apparel manufacturing.

Startups and Bankruptcy

Plastc has filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, signaling a new trend for failing venture-backed startups. An increase of asset-based lenders and the monetization of non-physical assets has made bankruptcy an attractive option for equity holders. Plastc’s failure to follow through on refunding pre-order customers also serves as a cautionary tale for companies that use crowdfunding for risky endeavors.

VC & Philanthropy

In a wide-ranging interview, Joanne Wilson, a well-known angel investor, discusses how she has teamed up with a few other investors to support certain non-profit organizations.

An Immigration Startup

A new Seattle startup has raised $3.5 million in seed financing to create products that focuses on family immigration issues. Boundless, founded by immigrants, is currently working on their first product, which would help people in the Seattle area going through the spousal visa process.

Music Piracy

Legal historian Alex Cummings posted an interesting look at the history of music piracy and the challenges of copyright laws in the US.


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