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News Roundup: New Angel Investors, Seattle Divestment, Butter Trademark Dispute

New Angel Investors in Seattle

Keep an eye on Flying Fish Venture Partners. This new Seattle-based venture capital firm is focused on helping Puget Sound’s early-stage tech start-ups. Geoff Harris, Heather Redman, and Frank Chang are partners at the firm, and each have a strong background in tech and Seattle-area companies. They’re looking for start-ups in cloud computing, AI, speech and natural language, machine learning, and IoT.

Butter Trademark Dispute in Wisconsin

Kerrygold Butter is suing Old World Creamery for using the Irishgold mark and packaging similar to their own in order to sell Irish butter in Wisconsin. Wisconsin bans butter not graded in the state, so Old World Creamery is seeking a market share unavailable to Kerrygold by processing, packaging, and grading Irishgold butter in the state. Kerrygold claims this work-around would mislead customers and damage their reputation.

Investor Advice

Hampus Jakobsson, a founder and angel investor, has some advice on how to get the most out of your investors. Hampus says to create a great relationship with investors, find the right investors, let them know how they can help you, and keep them informed.

Free Speech Lawsuits, Slander Claims, and Foreign Orders Over a Blog Post

After The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) wrote a post in their “stupid patent” blog series about Global Equity Management’s (GEMSA) virtual cabinet patent, GEMSA accused EFF of slander. They obtained an order from the South Australian court telling EFF to remove the blog post or face seizure of assets and prison time. EFF claims this violates U.S. free speech laws, and has filed a lawsuit against the enforcement of the foreign order.

Seattle May Divest From Fossil FuelsSeattle Waterfront; Investors

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray has recommended the Seattle City Employees’ Retirement System (SCERS) board to divest the city’s pension fund out of fossil fuels. Environment activists have been campaigning for the divestment since February, and sent a petition signed by over 500 city employees and retirees to the mayor. The board met Thursday and agreed to reassess their previous decision against changing investment practices.

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