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News Roundup: Blockchain Startups, Bitcoin, and Cryptocurrencies

Fake News Solution

Userfeeds, a blockchain startup, has come up with a solution to fake news articles. Their platform uses voting systems and an incentive program to define the reputability of news articles, then shares that information with its users. The program is still in development but recently secured more seed funding for producing demonstrative apps.

Cryptocurrency Trends

Bitcoin’s market capitalization as a percentage of the market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies recently dropped below 50% for the first time ever. Forbes explains the various factors that may be causing this and shares how they think the market will evolve in the near future.

New Blockchain Executives

Blockchain, a leader in Bitcoin wallets, announced the addition of two hires to their executive team. Coindesk has more on Blockchain’s new lead economist and head of global communications.

Blockchain Startup

In 15 minutes, Aragon managed to raise $25 million with the sale of its personal token. Aragon is a blockchain company that creates decentralized company management software, and created their own digital token currency to sell to the public through an initial coin offering (“ICO”). Their ICO received the second-largest amount ever by a blockchain company, and will be used to increase their team and fund software development.

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