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iVLG News Roundup Week 8 2014: Mergers and Acquisitions for Google (and Apple?); Tesla Celebrates in Seattle; Seattle to Host First Bitcoin ATM (not)

Google Continues Mergers and Acquisitions Spree Buying to Protect Ad Revenue Web

Google announced Friday that it has acquired London based ad fraud detection group, which is led by a small team of talented developers. The firm specializes in discovering pay per click ad fraud, which has for a long time cost web marketers big money. Terms of the acquisition weren’t announced. Considering Google makes money from clicks, it may seem like the fox is now guarding the hen house. But a more appropriate analogy is probably that Google’s is now guarding its massive online advertising web.

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Tesla Beats Washington State Auto Dealers and Does Not Deny Apple Acquisition Rumors

Tesla won a victory at the Washington State Legislature this week when Washington senate bill 6272 passed the state senate. The bill denies dealer licenses to car manufacturers like Tesla, but makes an exception for manufacturers that held a dealer license on January 1, 2014. The legislature may have listened to certain Tesla loving constituents, since Tesla is the only manufacturer who held a license at that time. Or Washington State legislators may have been protecting the state’s bottom line by assuaging dealer concerns while still reaping a share of Tesla’s impressive Washington sales. Either way the victory for Tesla and its lovers was hollow in the mind of principled activists advocating for business model liberty, who did not celebrate that any future Tesla “rivals are screwed.” The bill continues its journey to Governor Inslee’s desk through the Washington state house, where it will be up for public comment next week.  Tesla Coil

Tesla also sort of denied rumors the car company was to be acquired by Apple. Following news of another recent fire associated with Tesla, it emerged that the company apparently met with Apple’s chief of mergers and acquisitions last year to discuss a merger. The Silicon Valley tech giants may have been only chatting, but Tesla’ stock still rose considerably.

Seattle Set to Welcome First Bitcoin ATM in US?

This week Robocoin announced it was placing ATMs in Seattle and Austin, TX, and Seattle was poised to become the first US city to have a Bitcoin ATM. This follows our discussion of Bitcoin’s hacking challenges last week, which challenges have caused recent Bitcoin prices to precipitously drop. Robocoin, whose website could use some work as viewed by your author on Google chrome, says the ATMs are convenient and full of features, including features designed to help users respect Bitcoin law. But the Seattle Bitcoin users and Robocoin were usurped by the similarly minded residents of Boston and Bitcoin ATM maker Liberty Teller (or was it Albuquerque and Bitcoin ATM maker Lamassu?), who got to start using the US’s first Bitcoin ATM this week.

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