Hedge Fund and Private Investment Fund Formation

The business lawyers at inVigor Law Group can help you properly form your private investment fund, whether it is a hedge fund, venture capital fund, or other private equity fund. Our business attorneys will assist you with the complex securities, entity structuring, and contract law issues associated with starting and operating your investment fund, so you can focus on generating returns for your funds’ investors.

Our fund formation services include:

  • Forming your General Partner Entity and Limited Partnership Entity
  • Preparing your Limited Partnership Agreement
  • Preparing your Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) and Subscription Packet
  • Advising on compliance with SEC Regulations, including Rule 506 of Regulation D
  • Advising on compliance with the Investment Company Act, Investment Advisers Act, and Commodities Exchange Act
  • Advising on “Blue Sky” (state) laws and compliance with the Washington Department of Financial Institutions (as well as other state agencies through inVigor Law Group partners and associated counsel)
  • Filing the necessary forms with both federal and state regulators

Our flat fee investment fund formation services start at $13,000 plus filing fees.

We also advise on legal issues related to investment advisers and pooled investment funds, including:

  • General solicitation under Rule 506(c) of Regulation D
  • Accredited investor verification
  • Private equity fund structure and exit strategies
  • Fund marketing without violating general solicitation rules
  • Fund management structure and fees
  • Broker arrangements and custody agreements
  • Conflicts of interest and fiduciary duties
  • “Offshore” funds
  • Collaborating with managers to provide well-articulated investment goals and strategies
  • FINRA regulation and arbitration

Contact us to discuss our flat fee investment fund formation services and how we can help you with your particular investment fund or investment adviser issue.

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