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With our innovative Q & A service, you can get prompt, personalized, and confidential answers to your business law questions when you need them and without the hassle. Our lawyers know that business owners need prompt, complete answers to their legal questions. Business moves fast and delays  can result in significant costs to your business. Our subscription-based question and answer service provides businesses and entrepreneurs with a web-based solution. The best part is, it’s free!

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Free Service – Q & A Service

  • Subscribers may ask one question per month on any business law issue
  • Each qualifying subscriber (we have to run a conflict of interest check) will receive a personalized, confidential response
  • We will spend up to one half-hour responding to the question

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Premium Service (Coming Spring 2012) – $425 Per Month

  • Subscribers may ask one question per week
  • We will spend up to one hour responding to each question
  • Unless notified promptly of the need for additional time, we will respond by the following business day
  • Subscribers will receive a free business check up with initial subscription
  • In-person consultation – one hour per month
    • Any unused consultation hours will roll-over, but unused hours will expire after one year (i.e. a maximum 12 hour balance during any 12 month period)
  • 10% discount on any of our featured (flat rate) services
  • Unlimited access to the Q & A archive
  • Subscribers will have an ongoing attorney-client relationship with iVLG

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The Q & A Archive (Coming Spring 2012, Premium Subscribers Only)
Subscribers can choose whether or not to submit their specific inquiry to be featured in our archived questions. All archived questions are scrubbed of any identifiable and confidential information. Our goal is to develop a comprehensive library of relevant business law questions and answers. Perhaps your question and answer will assist in solving another business owner’s dilemma. Premium subscribers can visit our archived questions and answers to see if we have already answered your question.

Please contact our attorneys for further details about our subscription based Q and A legal services for businesses and entrepreneurs. If you want to schedule a consultation, please call us at (206) 745-5229, or use our website to schedule a consultation online. If you have any questions about our Q and A service or how the attorneys at iVLG can help you, please contact us.