Business Financing

Quality, practical, and affordable business financing advice

From loan agreements and series seed financings to crowdfunding and convertible debt offerings, we can help guide your company through the compliance and strategy considerations when raising capital for your business.

Series Seed Financing
The first round of financing from outside investors is generally smaller and less complex than follow-on rounds, and these rounds are often many entrepreneurs’ first experience with the risks and rewards of taking on outside capital. Whether negotiating for investment from angel investors, venture capitalists, friends and family, or the “crowd”, we can help you maintain compliance with complex securities laws, ensure your investors are properly informed by drafting the necessary deal documents and disclosures, and prepare and file the necessary paperwork with the SEC to ensure your business can start growing without looming legal risk.

Our series seed financing services include:

  • Advising you on finding the right investor for your particular deal
  • Assisting you with organizing your company documents to prepare for investor due diligence
  • Helping you understand how to structure and negotiate your contracts
  • Negotiating the term sheet
  • Drafting the investment agreement
  • Advising on compliance with SEC Regulations, including Rule 506 of Regulation D
  • Advising on compliance with the Washington Department of Financial Institutions regulations and how to properly accept funds from investors who are not Washington residents
  • Filing the necessary forms with both federal and state regulators

We charge flat rates for our series seed financing services, starting at $5,500. Please contact us for details.

Follow-On Financing Rounds
Our attorneys also provide legal advice regarding follow-on financing rounds. Follow-on rounds differ greatly from one financing to the next, so we are unable to guarantee a particular flat rate without more information. Please contact us regarding a flat rate for your particular follow-on round.

Loan Agreements and Debt Instruments
Our attorneys can help your business navigate the complex process of securing operating and capital improvement loans and lines of credit, as well as issuing debt instruments to investors. We can help protect your business from onerous loan terms and ensure your debt offerings are compliant. Please contact us regarding your particular arrangement, and we are happy to quote a flat fee for our services.

If you want to schedule a consultation, please call us at (206) 745-5229 or use our website to schedule a consultation online. If you have any questions about raising capital for your business or how the attorneys at inVigor Law Group can help you, please contact us.

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