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General Counsel Services

Legal support  for the life of your business

inVigor Law Group offers general counsel services to businesses of all sizes in order to reduce and fix costs, establish familiarity with legal issues specific to your business, and avoid frantic efforts to secure a lawyer in times of need. Our lawyers will be on-call to ensure prompt, practical, and affordable solutions for your business.

For as low as $800 per month, iVLG will provide on-going legal counsel to your business. Our general counsel services include:

  • Prompt response to your legal questions, within 24 hours for most inquiries.
  • Stand-by assistance for major projects and on-going business development.
  • Drafting and review of business documents.
  • Negotiation and representation of your business in transactions with third parties.

If you want to schedule a consultation please give us a call at (206) 745-5229, or use our website to schedule a consultation online. If you have any questions about our general counsel services please contact us.