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Business Succession & Estate Planning

Preparing now to establish a clear plan for you and your business

Life is unpredictable; it is best to be prepared. Our lawyers will assist you in creating a plan for your personal estate and business. We’ll help you identify personal and business financial objectives, and develop a comprehensive plan to implement your objectives. We’re here to help you rest assured that your loved ones and your business will be cared for if something unexpected happens.

For as little as $1000, we’ll help you develop a will-based estate plan. Our estate planning services also include comprehensive trust-based estate plans, including revocable living trusts.

  Single Couple
Will-Based Estate Plan $1000 $1500
Revocable Living Trust $2000 $2500


For as low as $1000, the attorneys at inVigor Law Group can also help you develop an “exit strategy” for properly protecting your business. Your business should map out what will happen if key employees and owners are no longer available. A proper business succession and estate plan will ensure your loved ones benefit from your efforts and will ensure your business continues to prosper after you are gone. Our attorneys can interview key players to understand your needs and goals, and draft (or edit) your buy/sell and other agreements to ensure your goals are met. Contact us for information on how we can help you structure, draft, and execute agreements custom tailored to ensure a seamless transition for your business.

If you want to schedule a consultation please give us a call at (206) 745-5229, or use our website to schedule a consultation online. If you have any questions about our business succession and estate planning services please contact us.