Business Startup Package

Helping you build a solid foundation for your business

If you’re just starting your business and looking for help with formation, we are a valuable partner. Our business lawyers can help you transition from simply having an idea to properly forming a business. Our business startup package provides all the legal services that most businesses need to get up and running.

Business Startup Timeline

  • Limited Liability Companies
    For single-member limited liability companies (LLCs), we will help you properly form your company and provide you with a custom operating agreement that will outline your rights and obligations as well as those of any future members of your LLC for as little as $500.00 + the state’s registration fee. The fee to form your multiple-member LLC starts at $1000.00 + the state’s registration fee.
  • Corporations
    For corporations, we will help you properly incorporate your business, draft for you a custom set of organizational documents including articles of incorporation, bylaws, founders’ stock purchase agreement, action of the incorporator, initial board resolution, and a stock register for as little as $1,250 + the state’s registration fee.
  • Limited Partnerships, Trusts, and Other Entities
    If an LLC or corporation does not fit with your goals, we can help you form other entities that better meet your needs. Contact us for our flat rates on all types of entities.

All of our flat fee business startup packages include:

Advice on the type of entity to form
We’ll help you understand the important differences between the types of business entities, including the tax consequences, limitations on liability, and implications for subsequent financing and liquidity events. Once we’ve helped you identify the issues important to your business, we’ll help you decide which entity is best for your business.

Entity formation
We’ll file all the necessary paperwork to create your entity with the state.

Custom-tailored governing documents
We’ll draft custom governing documents (e.g. articles of incorporation, bylaws, operating agreement, etc.) for your business. These documents define the relationship between the founders and provide the ground rules for future decision-making. When properly drafted, governing documents can help founders avoid internal conflict so they can focus on results for their business.

Plan for Intellectual Property
We’ll help you identify intellectual property issues for your business, and help you develop a plan to protect your patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, and other proprietary property.

If you have any questions about business startup considerations or how the attorneys at iVLG can help you, please contact us or schedule a consultation today.

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