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Featured Services

Practical Legal Solutions for Your Business

While we are happy to discuss helping you with any legal matter related to you or your business, our featured services include:

Business Financing
We guide you through the process of raising money for your business. We’ll help you identify which investors are best for you, identify the key terms for your deal, negotiate the term sheet to help you secure the right investment, and draft the legal documents you need to finalize the deal and put your capital to work. Find out more about our Business Financing services.

Business Formation
We help you start your business the right way. We help you determine which entity is best for you and your business, and we’ll take care of the necessary paperwork so you can focus on growing your business. Find out more about our Business Formation services.

Investment Fund Formation
If you are starting a pooled investment fund, whether a hedge fund, venture capital fund, or other private equity fund, we can help you set up your investment fund properly. And with our low flat rates, you will be able to deliver better returns to your investors from the very beginning. Find out more about our Investment Fund Formation services.

Trademark Search and Registration
To protect your business, you must take steps to protect your business’ intellectual property, including your trademarks. Registering your trademarks will give your business greater protection, and empower your business by giving you the tools to deter infringement and exact greater remedies. Find out more about our Trademark services.

Investor Verification
We offer flat-rate investor verification services for private placement offerings under new rule 506(c). The new rule 506(c) enables companies to use general solicitation, including online advertising, to raise money from accredited investors. Find out more about our Investor Verification Services.

If you have any questions about our services please contact us or schedule a consultation today.