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Co-Sponsors of SOPA and PIPA Abandon Ship

As promised, we’re bringing you the latest SOPA (and PIPA) updates. The latest news came late in the day Wednesday, a day where major sites including Wikipedia, and Reddit (and the Google banner) blacked out their sites to protest the overly broad anti-piracy legislation, SOPA and PIPA. SOPA co-sponsor Ben Quayle (Arizona), and PIPA co-sponsor Marco Rubio (Florida) announced they will no longer support the bills. Sen. Quayle pulled his name Tuesday, while Sen. Rubio didn’t pull his name until Wednesday.

Sen. Rubio announced his withdrawal through Facebook, noting that he believed the bill was being rushed through Congress and is likely to have unintended consequences if passed. Rubio is also trying to persuade his fellow co-sponsor, Harry Reid (Nevada), to follow him and abandon the bill as well.

The Domino Effect
Shortly after Sen. Rubio abandoned the bill, John Cornyn (Texas) followed suit in abandoning PIPA. The Omaha World-Herald reported that Lee Terry (Nebraska) announced that he will no longer support SOPA.

The dominos continued to fall as PIPA co-sponsor, Roy Blunt (Missouri), and John Boozman (Arkansas) each withdrew their support for the pending bill. Later Wednesday, Orrin Hatch (Utah) announced on Twitter that he will no longer co-sponsor the bill.

It appears one of the last steadfast supporter of SOPA is the lead sponsor, Lamar Smith (Texas). Smith announced Wednesday that despite the widespread criticism and decreasing congressional support he is not discouraged and will continued to stand behind the bill.

We’d like to hear where you stand. Let us know your opinions on the current anti-piracy legislation below. Stay tuned! We’ll keep you up-to-date on the latest SOPA and PIPA news.


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