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Could a failed merger with AT&T mean the end for T-Mobile?

AT&T announced on Thanksgiving Day that it would be withdrawing its request to have the FCC approve a merger with fellow mobile-phone industry giant T-Mobile. This clearly signals AT&T’s pessimism over the outcome of the pending antitrust case filed back in August and its effect on the merger. AT&T also announced it will report a nearly $4 billion write-off for fourth quarter earnings to account for break-up fees if the merger does not pass through the antitrust case. What does this all mean for T-Mobile?

Since 2009, T-Mobile has seen a steady decline in customers, with net decreases of 24,000 during 2011 and 34,000 during 2010.  T-Mobile’s revenues are down 3.3% through the first three quarters of 2011, and Deutsche Telekom...

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