Elise Blaylock /// Office Administrator


“I make sure our office runs efficiently, and not just on La Croix.”

When I'm not Administrating, I'm...

  • Finding new: coffee shops, wines, and Netflix series to obsess over
  • Competing in bar trivia, as the team’s aspiring pop culture expert
  • Educating my dog Hazel on life’s greatest joys: Shakespeare and disco music
  • Fruitlessly rooting for Bay Area Sports since 1988. (Go Giants and Raiders!)
  • I try at least one new recipe a week
  • 5 Things Elise's Co-Workers Think you Should Know About Her

  • Elise is a bar trivia all star—especially in pop culture categories.
  • Elise’s witty humor keeps us laughing around the office.
  • Elise loves the royal family—a queen Elizabeth bobblehead sits on her desk.
  • In a prior life she worked at a bridal boutique, so if you need advice on what sort of a dress is going to be flattering, or if you’re wondering what shade of white an article of clothing is, she can help with that too.
  • The Oscar winning movie Lady Bird was about Elise’s life; well, not quite, but like the character Lady Bird she did grow up in Sacramento and she has a mastery over irony.
  • 146 N Canal Street, Suite 350   |   team@invigorlaw.com