Blair Martin /// Administrative Assistant

“If Elise is Captain Picard, I'm Number One; I help her keep this ship running smoothly.”

When I'm Not Administrating, I'm...

  • Going camping when the weather is nice
  • Exploring new restaurants around Seattle
  • Sitting on the rooftop enjoying a nice glass of wine and a good book
  • Experimenting in the kitchen
  • Finding new TV shows to binge watch
  • Attending conventions like PAX, ECCC, and Dragon*Con
  • 5 Things Blair's Co-Workers Think you Should Know About Her

  • Blair is an organizational whiz who loves filing and using her label-maker for good, not evil.
  • She is a forever Florida State University fan. Go Seminoles!
  • She studied abroad in Sheffield England.
  • Blair is our resident Indiana Jones and has been on archeological digs.
  • Blair is a history buff and helped host the Terra Cotta warriors exhibit—which may or may not have included wearing Terra Cotta warrior garb.
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