Practical advice. Flat rates. Plain language.


inVigor Law Group is a full-service business law firm offering Seattle area businesses boutique legal services at affordable rates. Our firm prides itself on:

Accessible Attorneys
We’re affordable. We can relate to you. We’re easy to understand. Our rates are competitive, and transparent. We avoid legal jargon and clearly and timely communicate with you to ensure your issue is handled efficiently and effectively.

Transparent Fee Arrangements
We understand businesses and entrepreneurs value knowing upfront what services they will receive and at what price. We list our hourly rate – $225 – but we prefer to work with alternative fee arrangements, such as flat fees. Flat fees provide you with certainty and allow you to compare legal services more easily.

A Proactive and Practical Approach
We help prevent problems before they arise, and provide advice on the most practical and cost-effective solutions to existing problems. We also help devise strategies that allow you to pursue opportunities with more certainty.

A Modern Approach to Drafting Legal Documents
We draft our documents in plain language. We remove unnecessary legalese and craft our documents so they are easier to understand. You won’t have to waste resources translating our documents. Instead, you can move forward with a confident understanding and invest your time and money in the success of your business.

Lasting Client Relationships
We want to provide legal services for the life of your business, and we think you’ll be convinced of our commitment by the quality of the service you receive. Our business model is dependent on sustainable, mutually beneficial relationships. We look out for your interests, we don’t take short cuts, and we don’t produce mediocre work.

Our Promise
Our attorneys will be accessible and transparent, our services will be reliable and cost-effective, and our law firm will be socially equitable and environmentally sound.

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