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Legal Fees

InVigor Law Group is in the process of merging its law practice with Immix Law, and all InVigor attorneys now practice law as attorneys for Immix Law. At Immix as at InVigor, we want our clients to understand the cost of our services. Whenever possible, we provide clients with a detailed scope of work and clear expectation of costs. We strive to set clear expectations regarding our fees for all projects, including providing estimates on our time and guaranteed maximum prices whenever we can. We also offer alternative fee structures when appropriate, and we offer flat fees on many projects.

The attorney you work with will let you know the specific rates you will pay on any given project, and for reference you can generally expect our hourly rates to range between $350-650.

Accepted Forms of Payment

We accept most forms of payment, including cash, check, e-check, and credit cards.


If you have any questions about our fees or how we can help you, please contact us.